Saturday, February 2, 2013

Valentine's Day

I was so excited when, after spending so much time on them, my students knew that the Kit Kat bars made an X.  I call these my X's and O's cupcakes.

Let's share some ideas for Valentine's Day!

Time savers and helpful tips:

* I have my students make their boxes at home.  I do remind parents to please make sure their child can get the valentines out without destroying their box.  The reason I do this is to save instructional time and so their boxes will be their own.  So many times they copy from each other and I love to see what they come up with.

* I put white bulletin board paper on their tables before the party.  I do this so they can decorate the paper and have their own creation for our "table cloth."  I also do this so they are busy for about 20 minutes so I can finish anything I need to for the  party.  And I also do this because when they go home
 and the paper is a mess I just pull the paper off and throw it away.  I haved saved a lot of time doing this.

* I collect 2 or 3 dollars from each parent and I go purchase the supplies for the party.  I do this because no matter what else I've tried I end up with 80 cupcakes and 20 bags of chips.  My parents like this better.  I always keep receipts in case there is ever a question.

* I always have extra Valentine cards ready in case someone comes without their cards.


  1. Well, sadly, our half term holiday is always the week of Valentine's Day :( so we don't have a party or anything. Some children bring in cards and I always make Valentine cookies for the whole year group (because my birthday is the day after and we're always on holiday for that as well!) and we'll do a Valentine craft just for fun. It sounds like it's a really big thing in your school - kind of fun :)

    Fun in the Fours

  2. I have noticed that for my 1st graders the. Valentina's party is a bigger deal to them than any other party. Happy early birthday to you!