Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dental Health Month

What do you all do for Dental Health month?

I am sharing a picture of something I started doing a couple of years ago.  I had these things lying around and sometimes I used them on a bulletin board and sometimes I didn't.  So, instead of not using this resource I made a trifold out of them and turned it into a center.  I put tooth care books and activities at the center.  My students love how colorful it is.  Sometimes I see them just staring at the pictures saying "Wow!"

I also have a power point available at:

I'd love to hear your ideas!


  1. My kids favorite activity was filling out their tooth fairy applications.

    We had a dentist come in and she had a health tooth and a tooth with cavities. She had foods that are good for your teeth and bad for your teeth and the kids velcro the food to the correct tooth! It was super cute!

  2. I LOVE the tooth fairy application idea!! My school is so isolated its hard to get a dentist to come out.

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  4. Yoy will have to excuse my ignorance, but i don't know what NDHM means. I'm glad that you find my blog useful. :)

  5. At first, my kids were very afraid because it's something very new to them. Maybe the idea of putting something in their mouth throws them off too. But whatever it is, I'm so blessed now that we're going to the dentist. They're all so behaved and excited, and that makes it easier for me. Haha! Gunilla Cameron

  6. You always hope that a child's first experience with a dentist is a good one so they'll want to go back. :)
    Thank you for leaving a reply!!