Friday, February 28, 2014

Student Learning! Student Learning!

If you've seen my posts about plagiarism then you know that I've had a little bit of trouble with my students using the internet to write their entire papers.  After diagnosing what the true problem was, I planned several lessons to help them learn the steps to using passages and research to write their own paper.  Here are the pictures that led to them finally writing a paper on their own!!!

This was the chart that I made for them after they decided on the three main points of a passage about Abraham Lincoln.

 I then divided my students into 3 groups.  I gave them sticky notes and told them to find details from the passage that would back up their main idea.  I also explained that at this stage they did not need to write sentences on the sticky notes, but simply use phrases that would help them remember the passage.

When they finished with this they had to go through their sticky notes to analyze which 3 for each main idea would be the best at helping them remember the passage. 

This is what they ended up with.  I then gave them a sheet to take these main ideas and notes and write about the passage about Abraham Lincoln.  It was great.  I could hear their voices in the papers.  I knew they understood what they were writing about, and the best part...NOT ONE BIT OF PLAGIARISM!!


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