Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day Program

Yesterday my 1st graders put on a very special program for their mothers.  We had a wonderful time full of hugs, kisses, tears, and sweet memories. 
My students worked for a week on the program.  They made the invitations to the program themselves, made a project for their mom, and wrote about what their mom means to them through things she does with them and for them.  I read Love You Forever and made them cry.  Of course I cry everytime I read it too.

This is one of the tables that was decorated for the moms to sit at while they watched the program.  The students made the name tags so their mom knew where to sit.  They also made the "Flower Project" that is sitting by their moms name tag.  On either side of the center piece I had candles inside of beautiful glass containers.  All the lights were turned out other than one spot light on the student, the candles, and lights along the stage.  This gave us a very private and special feeling.

This is the "Flower Project" my students made.  They tore construction paper to decorate the pot.  The flower has their thumbprint as the petals. Click on the picture above for this and more project ideas.

These are the cupcakes that I made for the moms and the kids to eat after the program.  One of my little girls said "Oh, Ms. Pearson you did so good."  Cute!!!  Click on either picture for this and more cupcake ideas.

My students all sat together while one at a time they read their writings to their mom.  After they read their writing I read the book Love You Forever while each student was sittng in their mom's lap.  Sniffling and tears couldn't be helped.  The pictures on the wall were of the student and their mom.  No names are written on the pictures, and I make a kind of game out of it.  I challenge the moms to go and find their child's picture with no help.  The kids LOVE it!!


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