Friday, May 3, 2013

Had some fun this week!!

One of the incentives to get kids to read and take Accelerated Reader Tests is to give them the opportunity to put a pie in the face of a teacher when they reach a certain amount of points.  Well, it was my turn.  This young man is a 1st grader who earned his points, made up a nice pie of cool whip, cake icing, and something green that ended up in my nose and ears.  It was great!!  I have at least 5 students put a pie in my face every year.  This was the first one this year, and yes, I put some pie right back in his face too.
For the last couple of weeks my students have learned about insects and plants.  I had them put this foldable together as their study guide for their test over plant parts and functions.  They had a blast and I had great feedback from their parents.  I was excited when I found left over cupcake holders from my daughters graduation party.  They worked wonderfully.
One of our high school class groups asked me to make some cupcakes for their bake sale tomorrow so I spent the last 4 hours playing Baker Smurf.  I love to bake and try new things.  These are no where close to being great, but I am proud of myself for trying something that I had never tried before.



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