Monday, November 14, 2016

Getting Through the Holidays in the Classroom

Getting Your Classroom Through the Holidays

Tips and Ideas to Help YOU
Get Through the Holidays

Whether you are a new teacher or have been in the profession for a while from Thanksgiving to Christmas will always prove to be fun and challenging.

I've done it all.  I've worked my kiddos through it trying to keep them focused on anything BUT the man in red.  I've jumped right into it and let the man in red have a little too much fun.  I finally found the right amount of both to help keep my kids learning, but still able to enjoy the holidays.

Part I:  Tips

1.  Do not take yourself too seriously.  Nothing is more important than the wonderful experience you are giving your students.  Think about the students in your classroom who will not have a nice Christmas tree or a fun memories to associate with this time of year.  It is up to you.  You've got this.

2.  It is okay to stray from instruction for a minute.  If you start singing "Frosty the Snowman" out of nowhere, you should embrace it.  The reaction from your students will be fun and memorable.  

3.  Let the kids decorate.  I spent so many Thanksgiving weekends getting my classroom ready for December.  Let them help.  If they don't get that chance at home, they are missing out on some the fondest memories that I know you cherish from your childhood.

4.  Think outside of the box.  Instruction will most likely need to look differently during this time.  It is okay.  Give yourself permission to give the students permission to dance a little when their favorite Christmas song comes on.  Use Christmas music to calm them or motivate them.  Use the volume to control their volume. Ask Christmas movie trivia as they come in the door.

5.  Make memories.  Whether it is a special project, Christmas present to parents, or just something fun, help them make memories. I made gingerbread houses with my first graders every year. Sure it was an hour of instruction they won't get back, but those are some great memories that will last them a lifetime. Parents came into the classroom if they could and great times were had.  Come up with your idea and make memories.


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