Sunday, November 24, 2013

Handy Dandy Anchor Charts

Here are some various anchor charts I've been using with my kiddos.  I hope you find one or two that might help you out or give you some inspiration.

I researched and found different text that my students read and gathered information from about the relationship between colonists and Native Americans.  From that research they got into groups and discussed what would be benefits and conflicts.  From there they put into charts what was a benefit for both groups and a conflict for both groups.  This was a great eye opening lesson for them.

This is the chart we made back at the beginning of the year that they use every time they get into groups or present information.

I researched and found information on the three types of government shown below.  I put the students into groups and allowed them to read the research to find out the characteristics of each kind of government.  They then put those characteristics onto sticky notes and then this chart.

My school district requires teachers to give students bell ringers for each class coming through the door.  I also require a reflection.  This is what I use to make sure they understood what I just taught them.  This is the chart I had hanging up so the students could see what they needed to do in order to receive the points for each day.


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