Sunday, August 18, 2013

Open House

We had Open House last Thursday, and I wanted to share some pics from it.

Here's my "giving tree" in which I beg for donations of supplies.  

Quick poem I wrote in attempt to be cute and get more donations. 

I had a separate sign in spot for each grade.

I put this out so that parents could let me know what they hope for their child to accomplish this year.

This is just a little something I had out for the students who came to open house.  They loved it.

Click on the picture above and head over to my TpT store for a product to help you do this for your open house.  I have them available for K-6.


  1. I'm sure you had a great Open House!! Everything looked in it's place! You have a good layout there. Did you have a good turnout? Ours really various greatly year to year!

  2. We did have a great turnout. I felt like a fish in a fishbowl lol. Everyone wanted to meet the new teachers and there are 4 new teachers in one hall of 5 teachers so you can imagine what that looked like.

  3. I forgot that you had completely re-painted your "old" room. In fact, I was just thinking about your pics the other day. I found out last Wednesday that I'm moving to GT (luckily, it was a move I wanted) and had to move my classroom in one day, too;) My classroom has an ugly harvest orange focus wall - ick. I took my coral paint to the school and was going to paint and ask for forgiveness...but I decided against it (mainly b/c I couldn't reach the top, even on a step-stool).

    I think your room looks mature enough for older students. I'm glad you had a good turn out for Open House. Ours is kind of hit & miss. I bet the kiddos loved the starburst...I doubt most Middle School Teachers do that!

    Good Luck this week!
    This Little Piggy Reads

  4. I'm glad to hear that your move is one you are happy about.

  5. Great ideas, Chris! I'm sure you've won them over already. Have a awesome year!
    Desktop Learning Adventures