Sunday, March 31, 2013

Taking the TEST

I got to spend today with my daughter and had a great birthday.  She's in her first year of college, and I'm in my first year of adjustment.  We went to see the movie "Olympus has Fallen" and I highly recommend it.
Now it's time to journey home and prepare for the dreaded week of testing.  I've put my kids through drills and practice, and I have faith that they are ready.  
I've noticed some of my students are praying before taking a test now so I'm excited.  I always pray over them as I walk around the room monitoring.  Of course they can't hear me, but that's ok because He can.  
As our state prepares to include student test scores as part of our evaluations I'm very happy with the knowledge that He's on my side and that my students invite Him into our classroom too.

To everyone who is preparing for their standardized testing...may God be with you and your students!!


  1. How lovely that you and your students pray :) Do you teach at a church school or is this just allowed in your school? Prayer does not happen at my school (although it used to be a part of it when I was a student there) - things have changed a lot over the years :( . I hope that all your tests go very well and that God continues to be a presence in your classroom.

    PS My daughter is in her first year of college as well - she took a few years to decided whether she wanted to go and what she wanted to do (we had a few false starts and cold feet episodes along the way!!) so she's 22 now but it's still an adjustment year for me as well :)


  2. I teach in a public school. As long as they bring up God we talk about Him. As long as they are the ones who want to pray then I let them. I love it!

    It's so hard being a mom when you have to let them go, isn't it?