Classroom Management

So excited about this new addition to my classroom.  Below is a picture of what I used at the end of this last year, but below that picture is what I am going to use next year.
I can't wait!!!

I am SUPER glad I found this.  I always use BEES for my behavior chart.  I plan to post this above my behavior chart.  I LOVE PINTEREST.  Click the picture below for more great classroom management ideas.

I love this.  I no longer hear this question from my students, "What do I do?" I simply make an extra copy of whatever my students are to do during their center time or use a picture.  While I'm working with my reading groups they can refer to this chart rather than interrupt my group.

This is a great way to motivate your students in March.  I use classroom money in my room so I put dollar amounts on the coins, but you could use any incentive you would like.  My students get 1 gold coin for each day that no one gets into trouble.  At the end of the month they get the total of the coins.  The possibilities are endless and only left to your imagination.

This is one of my favorite things that I use in my classroom.  I call them "work-to-do" folders. 
My students don't have desks so there isn't a place for them to put their work.  This is the place.  It's just a folder that has their name on the front (this makes calling them by name easy for subs) and is taped to the front of their desk.

I also have them put their pencils in there so that every time they need their pencil they get it from there quickly instead of dragging out noisy crayon boxes. 

Work when their absent is waiting in there for them also.  Sometimes I leave little notes for them to find too.

Click on the picture and you will see some cute Owl/Chalkboard themed labels to put onto your students' work to do folders.


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